When you’re on the go or internet access is limited, use text messaging as a way to check your accounts- it’s a quick and convenient way to stay connected to your Security First accounts!


  • Send a text message command to receive text message replies regarding the balance of your accounts.
  • Receive Alerts

How to Enroll through Online Banking:

  1. Sign in to online banking
  2. Select “Mobile” from the top right main menu
  3. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. You also have an option to print a copy. Click the continue button, once completed.
  4. Next, you will select services:
    1. Download the Mobile Banking App:
      1. Select the appropriate app store link to download the mobile banking app. You can also select to receive the mobile app download link via text message for Android or iPhone app store.
      2. Enter your phone number in the phone number field and click send. The download link will be sent in a text message to the phone number entered.
    2. Tablet:
      1. If accessing online banking through a tablet device, you have the option to select the appropriate app store link to download the mobile banking app.
    3. Text Banking*:
      1. To begin receiving text messaging for your account(s), please check the Text Messaging box.
      2. To begin receiving text alerts for your account(s), please check the Alerts box.
      3. Click the continue button at the bottom of screen.
      4. Next, select your time zone and enter nicknames for your accounts. Once completed, click continue.
      5. Please enter the phone number you would like to set up for text and alert banking in the mobile phone number field.
      6. Read through the remaining information and click the continue button. If you would like to change the phone number, please click the back button.
    4. Text and Alert Banking Activation:
      1. Next, you will need to enter an activation code. Once you click continue from step 6, you will be sent this code via text message.
      2. Enter the code your received in the activation code box and click activate.
      3. You will receive an activation successful message screen and an activation notice via text message on your mobile device.
Text Banking Commands to 39872
How to Manage Enrolled Devices:
Manage Mobile Devices Options
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*Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.