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Making a Budget (PDF – English)
This personal budget worksheet from the FTC helps you to evaluate your expenses and savings potential.

These free calculators from My Home by Freddie Mac® are intended to provide guidance and financial estimates only. Please speak with your lender for detailed information.
For a complete listing, visit http://myhome.freddiemac.com/resources/calculators.html or select from the options listed below.

Preparing For Homeownership:

Rent vs. Buy
Understand the financial differences between renting and homeownership.

Tax Savings
Learn about the potential tax savings with homeownership.

How Much Can You Afford?
Research how much house works within your budget; please be mindful of all of your expenses, including utility bills, groceries and all loan payments.

How Much Can You Borrow?
Learn how much money you might be able to borrow.

All About Mortgages:

Fixed or Adjustable-Rate?
Understand the financial differences between the fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgage.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages
Find out how much monthly mortgage payments might be with an adjustable-rate mortgage.

Fixed-Rate Mortgages
Find out how much monthly mortgage payments might be with a fixed-rate mortgage.

15-year or 30-year Term?
Learn how a different term affects your mortgage payment and overall cost of the loan.

Am I Better off Refinancing?
Find out if you’ll benefit from refinancing.

Closing Costs
Estimate what your closing costs might be.

Down Payments
Research how much of a down payment you should consider.

Refinancing Costs
Understand what your refinancing costs might be.

Extra Payments
Learn how advantageous extra monthly mortgage payments might be.

Paying Points
Find out how paying extra points might lower your mortgage rate.

Mortgage Insurance
Understand how to possibly reduce mortgage insurance.