From the Valley. For the Valley.

Hidalgo Federal Credit Union was founded to financially benefit the employees of the Federal Government who resided in the Rio Grande Valley.

The idea of establishing a credit union for Federal employees began in the home of Mr. Ned Jackson, who resided in Pharr, Texas, and through the sponsorship of the Hidalgo Chapter of American Federal of Government Employees, Hidalgo Federal Credit Union was founded. Mr. Jackson, along with five other men, contributed $5.00 each for the initial membership fee. On February 24, 1947, a Charter was issued. A Board of Directors was elected to represent the membership. This Charter included Civilian Federal Employees only and remained that way for 29 years.

By the mid ’70s, assets had increased to 3 million dollars, and loans were above 2 million dollars. There was a drastic need for additional funds to meet the growing loan demand, and therefore the Board voted to add state employees of Hidalgo and Starr Counties to the field of membership.

During the early ’80s, members expressed a demand for additional financial services similar to those of the banking industry. A share draft program and Money Management accounts were implemented. Direct Deposit became available to federal employees. An emphasis was also on growth, adding four new fields of membership to the credit union family.

In the ’90s “Operation Grass Roots” program was implemented to inform and encourage our membership to become active in the credit union movement. Growth steadily continued and expanded into Cameron County with the addition of two credit union mergers. A name change was necessary to represent the credit union and its membership better, and in 2000, Hidalgo Federal Credit Union became Security First Credit Union.

In May 2009, our newest branch and Administration Building opened in Edinburg. This first-rate facility is home to the President/CEO, CFO, COO, Marketing, Human Resources, and Training. The office offers a full-service branch with lobby and drive-thru services, including a 24/7 ATM for our member’s convenience.

In June 2009, we welcomed members of First Financial Community Credit Union. This merger expanded our valley locations to include an office in San Benito and two in Brownsville.

Security First Credit Union is the Rio Grande Valley’s largest “homegrown” credit union. We pride ourselves on being “from the valley, for the valley.” Our roots are here; our people are from here; we serve the community that lives here.