Deposit cash and checks hassle-free with Security First Credit Union’s deposit ATMs! Plus, cash deposits are immediately available for withdrawal. Here are some helpful tips when using our SFCU ATMs!

Security Features:

  • Motorized card reader: With this reader, your SFCU debit card must remain inserted throughout the transaction.

For additional security purposes, the ATM will keep your SFCU debit card for the following reasons:

  • If the debit card is not retrieved within 60 seconds after it is presented back to the user
  • If the PIN # is entered incorrectly three times.
  • If the card has been locked because of exceeding the number of PIN tries.
  • If the card has been reported stolen.

Should any of the above instances occur, and you are an SFCU member, please immediately come into the branch and speak with an SFCU representative. A new instant-issue debit card will be issued, FREE OF CHARGE, and the previous card will be deactivated.

For non-members, please contact your Financial Institution immediately to obtain a new card.

Cash Security Feature:

  • The ATM will take back money dispensed if the cash is not retrieved within 30 seconds.
  • Should this occur, the amount should be reversed back to your account within seven days.

For our branch ATM locations, please click here


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