FREE Credit Score, Report, and Monitoring

As a Security First Credit Union member, you can access your credit score FREE through online banking and our mobile banking app. SavvyMoney® is a FREE comprehensive Credit Score program designed to help you stay on top of your credit. This new tool breaks down and grades each section of your report on payment history, credit usage, total balances, credit age, and recent credit. In addition, Credit Score tells you why your grade is what it is and how to improve your score.

    • Daily score updates – Access your score anytime and anywhere
    • Real-time security updates any time your credit file changes
    • Free accessible through online banking and mobile banking
    • Money-saving offers
    • Create and track credit score goals
    • Credit monitoring
    • Change alerts
    • Tips and educational information on how to improve your credit score

How to Enroll

  1. Log in to Online Banking or our Mobile Banking App
  2. Click on “Get Your Credit Score” or “Your Credit Score”
  3. Enroll (It’s FREE!), and you’re all set!

Ready to take control of your credit? Log in to online banking or mobile banking to get started!

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