Bill Pay Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enroll for BillPay?
•First you must have a Security First checking account
•Second you must be enrolled in our Home Banking service before applying for BillPay

If you are not enrolled in our Home Banking you can visit and fill an application at any one of our locations.

2. What can I do with the BillPay?

You can:
•Set up automatic payments for recurring bills – Such as mortgage, cable, etc.
•Make one-time payments for different amounts at different times – Such as the phone or utility bill.
•Send money to any company or individual in the U.S.
•Review pending payments scheduled and make changes or cancel them before they are sent.

3. When does Security First take the money out of my account?

The money is withdrawn from your account on the day you’ve scheduled your payment to be sent.

4. What’s the fee for the BillPay?

BillPay is free.

5. Is BillPay secure?

The security and integrity of members’ accounts and transactions are top priorities for Security First. Our credit union introduces online functionality only when we’re fully confident that the systems meet the level of security appropriate to safeguard our customers’ information.

Security First encrypts your BillPay sessions within our banking servers in order to provide you with some of the best forms of cryptography commercially available.

6. Can I view the payment history for payments I make?

Yes, while in Home Banking click on the BillPay button on the left side menu, then select payment history.

7. How can I track payments and verify that my payee receives payment?

Processed transactions will appear in your checking history and you may also track them by using the payment history menu item in the BillPay screen. If you have paid a bill through BillPay and the creditor disputes that the payment has been made, you can call 1-800-368-9092 to see if the payment has been applied to the appropriate account. For all other questions please call (956) 661-4000 and speak to a member service representative.

8. What kind of account do I need to be able to pay my bills with BillPay?

Any Security First checking account is acceptable. If you have more than one eligible checking account, you may choose from your primary or secondary accounts.