Joining Security First Credit Union’s “Kids” Club* helps kids learn important financial terms and concepts by:

  • Helping them understand the value of money
  • Develop good spending and saving habits
  • Get experience making knowledgable purchases
  • Learn how and why to stay out of serious debt

Additional benefits of joining Security First Credit Union’s “Kids” Club

  • “Kids” Club Quarterly Newsletter – The newsletter includes articles on how kids can earn, save, and safely spend their money. It also includes fun games, recipes and crafts.
  • Birthday Card – “Kids” Club members receive a special gift on their birthday.
  • Quarter Saver Folder – The Quarter Saver not only teaches kids how to count coins, but it teaches them how to make a deposit and save!

It’s never too early to start teaching kids the value and responsibility of money.

Here’s some great resources to help make learning fun!

Pocket Cents 

This site is dedicated to helping youth, and adults learn how to make smarter financial decisions for a stronger, brighter future. Learn more.

Hit the Road… A Financial Adventure

This game from NCUA helps to teach about smart financial habits all through a virtual fun road trip. Play the game!

U.S. Mint for Kids

U.S. Mint for Kids is a fun and educational website provided by the U.S. Mint for our younger members. Play games, enjoy cartoons, learn fun facts, color pages and much more!

Break the Bank, Bring Home the Bacon and more! is a financial literacy website that includes award winning series, free online games and much more!

Download and print option below each image.

Download to print option below each image

Download to print option below each image